Under the name of Mcplaf was born in 1998 this ambitious project from the hands of Israel Macià, in order to support young climbers who wanted to evolve and promote themselves in the world of competitive climbing. A few years later, in 2015, the Indoorwall Climbing Centers chain was founded in Catalonia and specializes in setting up climbing and children's leisure centers.

The experience and knowledge of the sector on the part of the founders and workers, has allowed them to open 15 success centers spread throughout the Spanish territory in six years. Currently the brand is in a moment of very important expansion, working in parallel on the opening of several more centers and with the clear objective of expanding around the world.

Some of the strengths that make us a different chain are experience, the ability to analyze, adaptation to the environment and constant evolution. These values, together with the daily work of great professionals and specialists in the sector, turn our investments into projects of great reliability and profitability.

The concept of Indoorwall is global and dynamic. We work for a unified, recognized and respected image in the world of vertical leisure and climbing, taking care of all the details to guarantee the best trajectory for all centers.

Our maturity dedicating a lifetime to this sport, has led us to build facilities thought and designed to the last detail to meet any need in a simple way.

The centers provide their clients with everything they need to learn, improve and enjoy the benefits offered by climbing and that build the basis of this chain: empathy, teamwork and social aspects, as well as personal improvement and ambitious goals.

  • FIRST CENTER Martorell I 1998
  • FIRST CENTER Esparraguera I 2001
  • OPENING Esparraguera I 2005
  • OPENING Santiago de Compostela I 2014
  • OPENING Alicante - Gran Canaria - Hospitalet - Guijón I 2016
  • OPENING El Clot - Griñon - Granollers I 2017
  • OPENING Vic - Leganés I 2018
  • OPENING Jaca I 2019
  • OPENING Vilanova - Torrejón - Family food
    El Clot - Manresa I 2020
  • OPENING Valencia - Getafe - Mallorca - Bilbao I 2021
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